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The most common reason why customers contact us is because there window glass needs to be repaired of replaced because it has either been broken or damaged in some way. Glass repair and replacement is not like other projects, it is not a do it yourself job. It requires the highly skilled, professional and experienced glazier to insure that you get a quality job.

As an Auckland based glass repair specialist, Glass Direct has a team of highly experienced team throughout Auckland. With over 10 years of experience we offer a fast and professional glass repair service.

Our mobile repair team of glaziers is equipped to attend to all your glass requirements and provide a complete service including setup, glass removal, onsite glass cutting, glass installation and cleanup. All materials used comply with all New Zealand safety standards to guarantee your glass is repaired to its original quality.

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The primary function of a mirror is to provide your reflection in areas such as bathrooms, change rooms, hallways and other situations where you want to see yourself. In addition to a simple reflection the use of mirrors can create an illusion of space, generate a feeling of elegance and brighten up any room.

In many circumstances the inclusion of a mirror becomes a feature, which will add value to your property. The team at Glass Direct has years of experience in this art and can assist you your next project.


Glass table tops are a fantastic way to add life to timber furniture in both commercial and domestic environments. Wear and tear to the surface of timber tables is unavoidable without the protection of a custom made glass table top. Compared to the costs associated with resurfacing an entire tabletop a protective glass layer provides an economical, durable and elegant solution. Valiant manufacture glass tables in either standard annealed or toughened safety glass to suit your needs.

Our qualified staff can visit your premises to take precise measurements and give our recommendation as to which product is right for you.


The most common position for pet doors is in glass doors, glass panels next to doors and low level glass panels around the house. Glass Direct can install pet doors in your existing glass and alternatively replaces your glass with a panel that already incorporates a pet door.

Our experienced glaziers will remove your existing glass or replace it with your new glass panel to you and your pet’s total satisfaction.